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Your domain name says a lot about you.
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why bring your business online?

Getting your business online can be critical to its success. Here are six reasons why. Ready?

become anything

With a .com, you can become anything. Watch the video to see what the power of a .com can do for Carl’s Pet Shop.

gain an advantage

92% of consumers prefer to get their information from a business’s website over a social media page.1 If you’re only on social, get a .com and redirect it to your social page to make it easier to find.

"I think that a .com is your storefront. We’re able to give more people access to what we do, why we do it and how we do it." — Rick Mast, MastBrothers.com*

be found

9 out of 10 consumers use the Internet to find local goods or services.1

"At Eldorado, we get so many tourists, travelers and guests to our city. They check out the site and make it a priority to stop by and see what we have to offer." — Erin Gavle, ElDoradoGeneralStore.com*

grow your business

81% of small businesses say that a website has helped grow their business.1

"Not everybody can come to Brooklyn to check everything out. Our chocolate is available in 9 countries around the world so we want people to have access to it." — Rick Mast, MastBrothers.com*

get more customers

64% of consumers prefer to buy from businesses they can contact online.1

"Having a website means people from all over the world can interact and engage with your business and story." — Erin Gavle, ElDoradoGeneralStore.com*

build credibility

74% of consumers would trust a company-branded email address more than a free email address.1 With a .com, your emails can come from yourname@yourbusiness.com, even if you don’t have a website.

"A website legitimizes everything." — Sebastian Jackson, AtTheSocialClub.com*

why choose a .com?

With a .com, you can become anything you want. It can be the bedrock and launch pad for your success. It can give you credibility, trust and recognition. So join the millions of people who’ve chosen to become a .com.
become trusted

When you think of the Internet, you think .com. It’s the web address that everyone wants. No surprise that a new .com is registered nearly every second.2 (Don’t worry, there are millions of great ones still available.) .com has been trusted for decades, and that’s exactly what you want for your business.

become positioned for success

It’s no coincidence. From every Fortune 500 company3 to your uncle’s funky hat shop, great businesses all over the world choose .com as their home. Some businesses even pick their name after they snag the .com address. To become a success, you have to look like a success, and that’s what .com can bring you.

become confident

You can’t go higher than 100%, despite what any motivational speaker might tell you. For two decades, .com has been at 100% operational accuracy and stability.4 That’s perfect. That’s peace of mind. So when you become a .com, you can focus on what’s really important — your customers, your company, and of course your future you.